Employment Visa

Employment Visa has to be sponsored by nationals with competent authority. So as a Jobseeker, you have little or nothing to do regarding Visa. Provide the information requested from you by your Employer & they will handle the rest. For your basic understanding, you may go through the details below.

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Work Permits in Qatar

Work permits may be obtained only by local sponsors. Employees satisfying certain criteria may sponsor their immediate family to enable them to obtain a residence permit. Holders of work visas require an exit permit to leave Qatar, however, their dependents do not require such a permit while traveling abroad.

It is essential for permanent residents in Qatar to obtain an identity card. The ID card is essential when dealing with Government ministries on a day to day basis.

There are no restrictions on the employment of women. Opportunities for such employment are determined by market demand and lie mainly in the teaching and medical professions, and in administrative work.

Applications for residence permits are made after arrival in Qatar through the Immigration Department. These are becoming increasingly straightforward to arrange, and are normally available within 6 weeks of arrival. Family dependents’ also receive residence permits, and are deemed under the sponsorship of the family member employed in Qatar.

For long-term visitor’s and residence visas, it is necessary to complete various health and fingerprint examination procedures.

Most companies have well established departments to assist new arrivals in the completion of all necessary formalities.

A person employed in Qatar may not work for anyone other than his or her sponsor. Sponsorship cannot be transferred until an employee has worked with the original sponsor for at least 2 years, and has been granted a release letter by that sponsor.

Foreigners resident in Qatar are advised to register with their embassy on arrival.




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